New Personalised Childrens Books

Young children in our modern world of Technological entertainment are reading less and less. In a bid to encourage young children to read more often we have created a new product for young children.
We find out what your child likes in terms of animals, insects, birds or fish. We also look for a special event that your child remembers, such as birthday, Christmas etc.
With this information we create a special adventure based on fantasy, that your child experiences. The difference between what we create and what has been done in the past, is that we create a unique individual story for every child. We do not have standard stories and plug your child’s name into it.
In addition to creating a unique story, we create the illustrations to fit your child’s unique story, which are optional to purchase the originals.
Apart from encouraging children to read, this product is also an investment for your child, later in life.
Interested in more? Please contact us.

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